The following videos are part of several series I was asked to do for It may seem like I have a slight obsession with carrots, cucumbers, and dips, but these are actually the titles they requested. I hope you enjoy!

Middle eastern yogurt dip

Orange mango salad

Christmas Tree veggie patter

Healthy snack: ambrosia salad

What goes with cucumber dip

How to cut carrots for roasting

Dipping sauce for carrots

Cucumber dip

Carrot, raisin and rice salad

Grated carrot raisin salad

Apple raisin romaine salad

Swedish cucumber salad

Thai cucumber salad

Healthy walnut snack

Organic carrot raisin salad

Healthy dinner on whole wheat tortilla

Cute snacks for kids

How to make the healthiest hummus

How to flavor hummus

Healthy cucumber dip

Healthy snack with cucumber and hummus

Veggie dip