“I came to Kylie Deppen for coaching because it seemed that no matter what I did, I could not lose the 10 lbs that had gradually crept up on me in midlife. This may not seem like much, but it was a lot for my petite 4’10” frame. Although I was eating healthfully and exercising almost daily, nothing I did was working. Kylie walked me through my daily nutrition and lifestyle to look for answers to what was going on. With her careful listening and her extensive knowledge of nutrition and cooking, Kylie recommended some specific changes I could make to get results. It worked! Those simple adjustments had me drop the weight with ease.”


“I met Kylie at a few networking events and was immediately captivated by her southern charm. She happened to mentioned a sugar cleanse that she was starting later that week. I signed up as I have been a sugar-holic my entire life and now had the dentist on my back to do something about it. Kylie offered amazingly helpful and logical tips that allowed me to easily cut back on the sticky treats I thought I needed. The holidays are approaching and my candy bar (or 2) a day habit is gone! When I get a craving, I now ask myself about what’s really going on and it tends to be an emotional issue that a candy bar certainly isn’t going to fix. Surrounding myself with the healthful choices she suggested has changed my life. Thank you, Kylie!”

-Smith, Owner of Clear Space

I loved Kylie Deppen’s program “A Busy Woman’s Guide to Wellness”! Kylie’s presentation was smart, fun, organized, insightful. and extremely practical. What I love about Kylie is she allows for individual differences in people. She never pushes one particular health dogma and is flexible in her approach. Kylie never makes you feel judged. Her warmth and sincerity shine through everything she does. I was particularly impressed by the depth of her knowledge, not only from her schooling but from years of her own diligent study and experience. As someone who considers herself extremely health-conscious, I was thrilled to make one seemingly small change from Kylie’s talk that resulted in dramatic improvements in stabilizing my blood sugar. I know this one change will impact my life in very positive ways going forward and I am extremely grateful. I recommend Kylie to anyone who is looking for very clear, doable guidance, gentle accountability, and unwavering positive support with health and well-being. Thank you, Kylie, I look forward to attending many more of your presentations in the future! -Linda DeCarlo, Owner of Linda DeCarlo Training and Coaching

Kylie Deppen of Joyful Health and Wellness is an amazing resource in the field of nutrition. She seamlessly marries cutting edge health information and lifestyle advice that will impact your employee’s health in a powerful way. I have watched Kylie talk one-on-one with people and seen first hand how the light bulb turns on over their heads as she targets previously challenging areas regarding food, true nutrition, and lifestyle. Kylie has conducted multiple corporate training’s for Horizon Wellness Group’s clients and the results have been 100% positive, with even veteran health “junkies” walking away with new information.

-Margaret McDermott, Executive Director Horizon Wellness Group

I am the founder of Thrive: Professional Women’s Group. I asked Kylie to speak at one my networking events on Health & Wellness. Kylie’s presentation was thoughtful, helpful and engaging (just like her personality) gave practical tips and actionable steps that could easily be incorporated into a busy women’s lifestyle. She provided handouts (and snacks!) and was both professional and approachable.

-Pam Nochlin, CityGroup

“I would absolutely recommend this sugar cleanse to anyone who wants to curb their sugar addiction. The tone was light and encouraging, therefore I thought, “this is fun!” I lost about 2 pounds, felt more confident and free. I’ve been told that my skin is glowing. I was surprised that my cravings were less than expected and sticking to the program was easier than I expected.”


“The best thing about the sugar cleanse is that I felt clearer. Everything seemed to be in focus and I didn’t seem to be in that mid afternoon fog I usually arrived in. The daily emails where amazingly helpful. Besides the fact that they were encouraging – they were informative with helpful tidbits and even great recipes. I cannot tell you how I felt they were ‘to the point’ with out being 12 pages of details. It was quick in and out and because I received it in the morning – I was reminded that I am on a 10 day plan. Not forever – just 10 days! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this program – hands down. It’s simple and doesn’t require any fancy machines, protein shakes etc. Its a great program!”

-Liza, Owner of Luludi

I signed up for the 6 session “Mini Makeover” program because I had fluctuating thyroid levels for years and was a victim of information overload when searching for natural treatments on the Internet. We started with a detox program to eliminate potentially harmful foods and then slowly re-introduced them back into my diet to find the culprits. I felt better almost immediately and saw improvements in my skin and hair! Throughout the program Kylie helped me make a lifestyle change by helping me manage my schedule to allow time for meal planning, exercising and de-stressing. In six months she taught me how to read my body’s reactions to foods and develop lifelong habits.


“I would without a doubt recommend this program to anyone who wants to kick their sugar addiction.  I lost 9 pounds, have fewer cravings, my ankles don’t swell as much and my acid reflux isn’t bothering me anymore.  I was apprehensive about starting the cleanse, but having the support of a group and Kylie’s guidance, it was easier than I expected!”


“The daily emails were helpful –it was nice to have new ideas and Kylie’s cheer-leading to keep us on track.  I lost 6 pounds, have more energy and am more aware of labels and portion sizes.  Your coaching along with having group accountability was a great help!”


I experienced a 3-pound weight loss and an increase in energy as a result of the 10-day sugar cleanse!  I am feeling good about myself, more confident in my overall life and my thoughts are much clearer now.  The daily emails kept me on track and I even printed them out for future review.  All of Kylie’s programs I have taken part in have helped me both mentally and physically.   I would recommend this program to anyone looking to kick their sugar addiction.


“The most significant difference I have noticed since the beginning of the program has been weight loss!  I have lost 9 pounds in the first couple of weeks. It has been easy and I haven’t felt hungry.”


“My joint pain in greatly reduced. I was wearing an unloader knee brace on my knee every day and had horrible pain from meniscus repair surgery and calcific tendonitis in my shoulder.  I had visible swelling in my leg and knee if I stood up or walked.  I was taking Aleve morning and night but still suffering.  I am completely out of the brace, swelling is all but gone, and my shoulder pain is also greatly reduced.  I am not taking Aleve anymore.”


“I can’t believe how much more energy I have and how normal my stomach feels. It’s life changing.”


“The cleanse is going great so far.  I have lost about 6 pounds already.  I am feeling great.  I haven’t felt hungry and my stomach hasn’t been giving me the problems I usually encounter.”


Kylie is infectious with her enthusiasm about Health and Wellness. She truly practices what she preaches and it’s obvious based on her knowledge and the wealth of information she shares with every question asked of her.  She provides practical tips that are simple and easy for anyone to do.  She knows her audience and your employees will love her, so much that she will be swarmed after every talk with questions and comments.

- Lena Noci Benefits and Wellness Manager for Archcare