January is notorious for resolutions and it has come to symbolize the opportunity for a fresh start. There’s nothing particularly magical about the month, other than the social pressure one feels to actually make resolutions that usually revolve around weight loss. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve just spent nearly 6 weeks eating, drinking, and being merry. So, it does seem to be the appropriate time to kick the bad habits we’ve been indulging in over the holidays. There’s just one problem with resolutions – they are often stringent, and thus short lived.

That’s why this year I’ve challenged my clients to look past one dimensional, short-term goals and instead assess what they want their lives to look like in 2013. Yes, we all want to see a particular number on the scale or to wear a certain size in clothing, but what will accomplishing that do for you beyond your superficial goals? A great example of a more powerful resolution would be to create a healthier life style that allows you to feel your best, have the energy for being the mom you want to be, or to achieve the career goals you’ve always desired.

Today I have a wonderful group of cleansers that will begin to prepare for the whole-foods-based program that I’ve designed to help people ease back into healthy habits. Let’s face it: we all fall off the wagon to some extent during the holiday months and having group support while transitioning back to a healthy lifestyle is extremely powerful and motivating. I’m so proud of and excited for this group who come from all walks of life, are spread across the country, and yet have a common goal–to create a healthier 2013. What strikes me most is the diverse cleansing experience of the group. Some are very familiar with the “whole foods” movement, while others rarely eat anything that didn’t come from a drive-through.

The beauty of this program is that it’s both simplistic enough for beginners, yet effective for those that are more experienced. No matter where you are in your nutritional journey, this program offers your body a chance for a new beginning as we delve into what I hope is your healthiest year yet.
To your health,