It’s the time of year when all the festivities have come to an end and most people are left feeling exhausted, bloated, and slightly depressed. Many can’t seem to control their sugar cravings after weeks of indulging in cookies, cakes, and candy, and therefore cleansing becomes a hot topic. There are many types of cleanses available and a lot of misinformation, so I thought it would be helpful to give you my two cents on cleansing and detoxing.  

What is a cleanse?

Although most people associate a cleanse with juicing, this isn’t always the case.  A cleanse or detox program is designed to limit toxic exposure while eliminating stored toxins from fat cells and tissues.

A good Cleanse or Detox program should include the following:

  1. Nutrient-dense food
  2. Support for the liver
  3. Hydration & elimination
  4. Movement
  5. Stress reduction & rest

Is there a difference between a cleanse and a detox?

These words are used interchangeably for the most part.  oth imply a program designed to abstain from toxic substances and food while flushing stored toxins from the body.

Does cleansing involve fasting?

Not necessarily! In fact, if your goal is to lose weight or kick your sugar habit, I advise against cleanses that involve only drinking juice for several days or up to a week. There is a time and place for a juice cleanse (if you are healing from disease), but most people do more harm with them than good for several reasons.  For starters, juicing usually involves copious amounts of fruit – meaning lots of sugar. With diabetes being a full-blown epidemic in the U.S., this is a particularly bad option for weight loss. While fasting can be very beneficial for allowing your body to heal, it can really disrupt your metabolism, especially if you are already insulin-resistant or metabolically challenged. I recommend a more gentle approach, consisting of whole foods and practices to cleanse the liver, stimulate the lymphatic system and get the bowel functioning properly.

Doesn’t my body detox itself naturally?

While our bodies are designed to detoxify unwanted and harmful substances, it simply can’t keep up with the demand of our modern lifestyles.  Hundreds of thousands of chemicals have been invented in the last 100 years. These chemicals are in our cleaning products, makeup, food, furniture, water, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, and the air we breath.  In other words, even those of us living a “clean lifestyle” can’t avoid toxic exposure. From pesticides in our produce to the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in most food products, we all ingest far more toxins that we realize.  Our major organs of elimination are further stressed by alcohol, prescription medications, and excess sugar.  So while the body does have its own methods of detoxification – these often become overworked and sluggish, eventually leading to disease.  It’s my firm belief that doing some sort of cleanse or detox several times per year can significantly improve your health, boost your energy and help you live a more vibrant lifestyle.

Is it possible to lose weight quickly without fasting?

Yes!  Most of us are carrying anywhere from 5-15 pounds of toxic waste at any given time.  When we ingest foods with chemicals and additives for example, our bodies don’t know how to use these substances for fuel. Therefore, toxins are stored in our fat cells indefinitely unless we do something to flush our cells.  Most people will lose 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks by following my LifeStyle Cleanse™ protocol.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you likely need to detox:

  • Fatigue          • Muscle aches          • Joint pain
  • Bloating         • Sinus congestion     • Postnasal drip
  • Headaches    • Sleep problems       • Difficulty concentrating
  • Gas                • Constipation            • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn       • Food cravings         • Water retention
  • Rashes          • Skin problems          • Eczema
  • Psoriasis        • Canker sores           • Trouble losing weight
  • Acne              • Bad breath            • Puffy, dark circles under the eyes
  • Brain Fog      • PMS                      • Other menstrual disorders

What are the benefits of cleansing?

*Clearer skin

*Improved digestion

*Weight loss

*Better sleep

*Mental clarity

*Increased metabolism

*Balanced blood sugar

*Improved mental state

*A healthier immune system

*More energy

*No more afternoon crashes

*Alkalizing the body

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